Rojavakommitéerna – “Filmvisning: Binxêt — Sotto il Confine” 11:00

Rojavakommitéerna presenterar här filmvisning av “Binxêt — Sotto il Confine”, en dokumentär om den långsträckta gränsen mellan Turkiet och Syrien och hur denna formar kurdernas liv i Rojava. Dessutom skildras Erdogans auktoritära politik gentemot kurderna på båda sidor om gränsen. Filmen är från 2017. Rojavakommitéerna, som är ett nätverk arbetandes i solidaritet med de revolutionära rörelserna i Kurdistan, medverkar också i annan kapacitet på Bokmässan.


The Rojava Commitée, a network organizing solidarity exchanges with revolutionary movements throughout Kurdistan, will screen the documentary Binxêt — Sotto il Confine from 2017. It focuses on the long border region between Turkey and Syria, and how this region affects the lives of kurds living there in Rojava, as well as on the other side of the border and under Erdogan’s authoritarian regime. The Rojava Commitée will also participate in another capacity at the bookfair.

A Inceput Ploaia 13:00


Accordingly to Amnesty International, in Romania ‘the right to
housing is not effectively recognized or protected by national
legislation’ and Roma people are ‘disproportionally affected’
by forced evictions. A început ploaia is the first feature
documentary narrating the full history of, and reasons
behind, this continuous harassment and displacement.
The film follows the story of the Vulturilor 50 community
of Bucharest (100 individuals), whom dwelt on the street
from September 2014 to June 2016 in order to fight
against the eviction from their home, enacting the longest
and most visible protest for housing right in the history of
contemporary Romania. The vicissitudes of this community
are interpolated with a number of interviews with activists,
scholars and politicians, composing a picture that speaks
of racial discrimination, homelessness, evictions, but also
of grassroots practices of resistance and social change. A
început ploaia is the touching testament to the everyday
revolution of Roma people fighting forced evictions from the
centre of Bucharest, an endeavour made of fragile dwellings,
provisional makeshifts and tenuous - but fierce - occupancy
of public space.